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The museum is located in Malindi town on the Sea front near malindi law courts.
Discover the worlds oldest living creature, a 400 million year old fish that was caught off the coast of Malindi in 2001 that has remained unchanged since its fossilized ancestors were discovered 65 million years ago. It has paired fleshy limb-like fins that move like our arms and legs. It is a strange creature that scientists are studying to discover how animals evolved and moved to live on land 360 million years ago. Find about this fish, only in Malindi Museum. Veiw Gallery



Enjoy a tour of this Circuit and discover what this beautiful place has to offer. There is something for every visitor here. Whether interested in beach, history, nature or culture there will be something for all tourists to enjoy. Whether coming from East Africa or regions further afield, your local travel agent, Expedia, Fly.com or other preferred online booking agency will be able to advise you on tickets and the best times to visit.

Malindi is one of the most ancient towns along the East African coast, founded sometime in the 7th Century. The town has had long contacts with outsiders:

Indians traded with Malindi from the time of Christ, Chinese knew Malindi by 11th century, Arabs visited and wrote about it in the 12th Century, The Portuguese were here in the 15th Century The British arrived in 19th Century. The town grew tremendously in the 20th C as a holiday resort and Malindi became a district in 1997.


Discover the old Town of Malindi. Guided tours of old town start at the Museum, through Shella, D.Cs building and ends at the Museum.

  1. VASCO DA GAMMA PILLAR – is the oldest remaining European monument in tropical Africa. It is a Cross of Lisboan limestone, with Court of Arms of Portugal, located in the southern part of Malindi. Set up by Vasco da Gamma in 1499 to welcome ships to the harbour. It was located near the Sheikhs Palace in town however its Christian connotation caused discontent among Muslims and was soon taken down. Later under Portuguese insistence, it was set up in its present location in 16th Century. Veiw Gallery

Tickets, guidebooks, other publications and tour guides are available at the entrance.-


the town. It was built before St. Francis Xavier visited Malindi in 1542. It is here where St Francis Xavier buried one of his sailors who died on his ship. The Chapels southeast wall had a crucifix painted by the Portuguese. Outside the Chapel was a graveyard of Portuguese tombstones, but today there are many modern graves, among them of Malindi pioneer Commander Lawford of Lawford Hotel and J. Bell Smith, the first British administrator in Malindi. Veiw Gallery

    These are two pillar tombs on the hill near the Arab market both built in the early 15th C, probably just outside the town wall. Many believe these pillars are phallic in design but many Arabs disagree. They are associated with the phallic pillars of the Galla or the monolithic pillars of the Imerina and Betsileo of Madagascar. Veiw Gallery
  2. MAMBRUI – Mambrui is 15Km north of Malindi. Known to the Portuguese as Quililmanci, this Swahili town dates back to 15th Century. In the 19th Century it was populous Arab town with many shops and large plantations, narrow streets with simple styles of living. Inhabitants have remained the most conservative and religious minded people of the East coast. Veiw Gallery

A. Mambrui mosque a delightful piece of Arab-rococo architecture, decorated with crescent and star cut-outs and painted verses from the Koran.

B. The pillar tomb: With very interesting porcelain bowls of the late Ming dynasty still intact on the upper portion. Originally the pillar was 27 feet high but fell down. Guided tours of Mambrui start at Malindi Museum. Veiw Gallery

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  • Guide Books on Malindi and other publications available at the ticket desk
  • Web Library with plenty of books and journals on subjects of your choice
  • Guided tours of the Vasco da Gamma Pillar, Portuguese Chapel, and old town

Daily: 8: 00 am To 6:00 pm.
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