Mr Mugaze

The Public Health Department is the department responsible for all matters pertaining to the health of the residents of the Malindi.  People and headed by the chief Public Health officer and other officers, working closely with the District radical officer of health. It is comprised of the following section:-

  • Epidemiology Disease control section
  • Public Health inspectorate section
  • Cleansing section
  • Slaughter house


This is a Municipal council Health outpatient creative services are offered it also offers family planning and V.C.T services to patients who require this services, cases which require hospitalization or specialist management, are referred to Malindi District Hospital.
The maternity unit usual supplements the services offered by Malindi District hospital as well as relieve pressure from the hospital.
This section is responsible for the control and prevention of communicable            disease and their vendors such as mosquitoes, flies, rats, flease and bilharzia            carrying snails. In town, all toilets in one council are under their management.PUBLIC HEALTH INPECTORATE SECTION

The public health inspectorate is responsible for:-

  • Inspections of schools, collages and any other institution.
  • Inspection of food plants e.g resturant, kiosk, food factories, bakeries, schools and supermarkets.
  • Inspection of other premises i.e garages factories sheds for animals, lodgings houses.
  • Inspection of nursing matenity houses, hospitals, health centers, dispensaries and medical clinics.
  • Development control security, and approval of plans.
  • Law enforcement- intimation notices, statutory notices, seizure of unwholesome food and prosection.
  • Coaching student of P.H.O P.HT, Nurses on practical  training.
  • General sanitation report to relevant department
  • Examination of all food handlers in the Municipal Council.
  • The section is headed by chief public health offices assisted by public health officer.

Is responsible for the cleaning of the entire town. At the moment there are two private refuse collecting services, up. The collection is seventy towns per day but we are involving when the two new (2) garbage collection vehicle arrives any time before the end of December 2007.
The council has a flef of five (5) vehicles which are fiftler (15) years old, and one (1) exhaust vehicle.

This is the main slaughterhouse in malindi municipality but other feeder’s slaughtslabs can be found in the Msabaha and Mambrui.  The council has privatized this slaughterhouse, and therefore supervised privately.